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Talismans for Healing Remembering

Greetings fellow seekers!

Talisman in two sizes These little power packed cards have been called talismans by Saint Germaine. They are meant to spark remembrance of something we already know inside of us, about self healing and to assist us to bring to the conscious mind the memories of how that works.

I laughingly say they are like "remembrals" from Harry Potter. I've been gifted and supported intuitively to imbue my artwork with a self healing affirmation, sacred geometry, chakra and meridian systems, along with powerful energy points in the bodies, physical, mental, emotional and etheric.

Their size was created to carry with ease, in pocket, purse, wallet, car, as gifts, tucked around the home and work space, etc. to bring awareness and focus back to our center and our own unique healing journey.

This talisman is created for generic healing , your choice with your intention. special personalized orders are welcomed, email, text or call for details and to tell me what areas you wish to focus on

  • Talisman
    Talisman (front)
  • Talisman back
    Talisman (back)
Size Price  
Small Card (3" x 2") $3 each, plus shipping
Large Card (6" x 4") $5 each, plus shipping

Special Personalized Talisman Package
Contains 3 large cards and 6 small cards.

$44 each set, plus shipping