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Magick Shoes

"You Are Walking in Magic!"

Each pair of shoes, boots, sandals or purses are uniquely and intuitively hand painted. I receive special orders, as it truly requires to be your own footwear that fits you and supports your body.

magic shoes - wellingtons

Path Less Taken

Read the recent article about Linda's process for achieving these wonderful shoes.

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magic shoes - cowboy boots

magic shoes

Here is how it works

Contact email... We will work out details and timing for completing a wonderful pair of shoes. You will send your footwear via any shipping you prefer (USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc) along with fee plus shipping and handling estimate (refer to the chart below).

You may state 3 colors you love...I do paint intuitively which means I tap into your essence and paint what I'm guided. I will use your colors and add to them for balance. During the process, I will send you pictures either via text or email. You may comment and when we come to an agreement I send your shoes back to you.

Your happiness is my utmost intention!

  Price Estimated Shipping
Sandals $27 $8
Shoes $35 $11
Ankle Boots $44 $13
Knee Length Boots $55 $15
Return shipping Additional $15  

Revised: 2018-08-21